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Jenny - The Hoodrat - Tee

Jenny The Hood Rat Tee

Jenny The Hood Rat Tee


“Buss Down” Jenny just dropped her down payment on that new whip and is now ready and wearable on a Premium Carhartt White Tee…in all sizes.  Whether you got flew’d out or flew yourself out, this is a shirt for independents.  10 toes down, 2 tits up, Jenny is here to conquer. 100% hand chainstitch embroidered by @rakillsall over a valor jumpsuit in Boston, MA. Wear her with pride - $100 USD

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This is Jennifer, the girl from your hood that went to private school. The vegan girl that will still fuck you up...even though she ain’t on that no more. The real one that gon’ ride out. And don’t get it twisted, she a rat, not no snitch. Jennifer the hood rat, the activist, tellin’ capitalist to “Destroy the pussy and not her earth”.